EDUCASIA is a leading provider of customized business and management training for global companies. Our training programs combine innovative learning methodologies and expert coaching to help clients build the capabilities of their managers and improve business performance. Our programs help managers build valuable skills - in areas such as strategic management, organization management, people management, and business acumen - that they need to lead and perform at the highest levels.

Our programs are developed with leading business schools and management experts around the world, and are facilitated by our experienced trainers. Our clients consist of leading global companies across a range of industries, and include companies such as Bayer, Dow Corning, HP, HSBC, Hyundai Motors, Mitsubishi Corporation, NEC, Samsung, Visa International, and Volvo. Each year, we help our clients successfully develop thousands of managers across 70 countries around the world.

EDUCASIA is headquartered in the U.S. with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Singapore. Our experienced performance consultants work closely with each client to identify and design tailored programs that most effectively develop the competencies of their global managers.

Our expert instructors, located in major countries around the world, bring a wealth of expertise and practical experience to each program. Our instructors provide valuable coaching, feedback, and evaluations to help each participant master skills and concepts that they can directly apply in improving their businesses.