EDUCASIA was established in April 2000 to provide innovative educational programs for corporations and professionals around the world. Partnering with UNext, a consortium made up of top universities including Stanford University, Columbia Business School, and Chicago Business School, EDUCASIA started delivering top-notch business programs using advanced technology and delivery methodology to professionals worldwide.

EDUCASIA completed building our own learning management system in early 2002 and began recruiting subject matter experts as instructors throughout the world. Then we launched a development program for high-potential senior managers in the Samsung group. This program was highly rated for the quality of its contents and the commitment from the instructors involved.

In 2003, EDUCASIA launched a global program for managers in the overseas subsidiaries of Sumitomo Corporation. EDUCASIA also started a financial training program for new consultants in the Asia Pacific offices of the Boston Consulting Group and a business skills program for the Hyundai Motor Group in Korea. By doing so, EDUCASIA proved its capability to operate globally such learning and development programs.

Dow Corning's leadership development program was another project for EDUCASIA demonstrating its ability to co-ordinate global learning programs. The program has been delivered in five countries in the Asia Pacific since 2004. Also in 2004, EDUCASIA started delivering the Business Acumen program for HP employees throughout the Asia Pacific. This was later extended to HP employees in the EMEA and Americas regions.

In 2005, EDUCASIA partnered with Visa Business School Asia Pacific to develop and deliver a business management program customized for the payment industry for the member banks of Visa International in the Asia Pacific.

The Innovation Lab, which was developed in 2006, shows EDUCASIA's continual efforts to innovate its training methods in order to produce better results. The system enables companies to build on the results from their training and to share innovative ideas and problem solving solutions.

EDUCASIA recognizes that professional training is one of the primary tools that companies use to execute their strategies. So in 2007, EDUCASIA introduced a consulting service to help companies better align their training programs with their business strategy.

And even today, EDUCASIA keeps on pressing ahead with innovative learning solutions for its clients.