Program overview
This program is specially designed for employees who want a solid business foundation so as to develop business acumen. This will in turn help the employees perform better and enable the company to reap the rewards of better financial performance.

Target audience
This program is designed for new managers and staff to acquire the necessary business skills.

The curriculum of the program can be chosen from these 5 courses:
  • Accounting Foundations
    This course views accounting as information to be used in business decision making and stresses two aspects of accounting information: accounting as a language and interpretation of accounting.
  • Finance Foundations
    This course introduces the key terms of finance and tools used to make financial decisions and will enable employees to communicate more effectively with finance professionals.
  • Financial Management Foundations
    This course provides an introduction to fundamental financial analysis techniques for employees who work outside the finance function and can be applied to activities such as budgeting, forecasting, pricing, capital investment decisions, and other operating decisions.
  • Strategy Foundations
    This course discusses the concepts and terminology that form the foundation of strategic analysis and understanding these concepts is important as it would help employees understand their organization’s strategy and how that strategy affects their own responsibilities.
  • Marketing Foundations
    This course discusses the concepts and terminology that form the foundation of marketing and understanding these is important to employees so that they can understand their own organization's marketing efforts in relation to their own responsibilities.
Program features
Each course can be taken on its own or as a program consisting of a combination of 3 or more courses. For example, a Financial Skills programs would consist of Accounting Foundations, Finance Foundations and Financial Management Foundations. A New Manager program could consist of Marketing Foundations, Strategy Foundations and Financial Management Foundations. Administrative and technical support will be provided by EDUCASIA to ensure that the participants are enrolled in the correct course and are able to access the online multimedia contents. A report consisting of the overall results of the participants and their feedback will be generated so that effectiveness of the course can be monitored.

Learning methodology and delivery mode
This program can be delivered entirely online with an instructor. It can also be supplemented by webinars scheduled within the duration of each course. Participants will view multimedia contents, discuss with the instructor and fellow participants in the forum and complete assignments that are due each week. Alternatively, the program can be delivered in a classroom setting if the participants can be gathered in one location.

Program duration
Each course is designed to last for 4 weeks online so the duration of the program would depend on how many courses there are in the program. If delivered in a classroom mode, each course would last for 2-3 days.