Program overview
This program will enable multinational companies to offer online learning for their staff located all around the world. It will enable their employees to share personal experiences and business knowledge from across the globe even as they learn together. This will result in improved learning opportunities for overseas staff, better communication and networking among staff from different offices and stronger corporate identity.

Target audience
This program will cater to all levels of staff who want to further develop their business acumen and management skills.

The curriculum of the program can consist of any number of courses that the organization wants to offer to its staff across the world. These courses are chosen from a catalogue of EDUCASIA courses. These courses range from those in marketing, accounting/finance, strategy, people and organizational management. There are courses that cater to entry level employees as well as senior executives. EDUCASIA can assist in the selection of the courses to be offered to the staff based on the training needs of the organization.

Program features
Each course can be taken on its own. The courses can be scheduled to start at different times of the year and staff could choose to attend the courses that are relevant to their job responsibilities.

Learning methodology and delivery mode
This program can be delivered entirely online with an instructor. It can also be supplemented by webinars scheduled within the duration of each course. Participants will view multimedia contents, discuss with the instructor and fellow participants in the forum and complete assignments that are due each week.

Program duration
The program can be designed to last the whole year with different courses scheduled to start at different times. Many of the courses are designed to last for 4 weeks online but there are some that last 3 weeks, 5 weeks or 6 weeks.