EDUCASIA leverages on technology and the Internet to deliver the most cutting-edge business education to more people across your organization. However, unlike other 'e-learning' companies, we recognize the importance of personal instruction and mentoring, and rich collaboration among participants - in fact, these elements lie at the heart of our learning approach.

  • Personal, faculty-led instruction. Our expert faculty members instruct our programs. Our faculty consists of academic experts, business practitioners, and consultants and they lead participants through a very supportive, motivating, enlightening, and challenging learning environment. In our programs, our faculty use online discussion and email to:

    1. Provide personalized instruction, evaluation, and feedback
    2. Guide participants through the problem-solving process, and help them apply what they learn to real business issues
    3. Encourage participants to take risks and express ideas freely
    4. Connect participants with their course mates by fostering a rich learning community

    Our faculty members also have a wealth of business and educational experience in their respective fields. They are excited by the subject matter they teach, have sufficient practitioner experience to reinforce real-world applicability of the concepts, are interested in the participants as individuals, and consistently inspire interest in the course concepts they help to teach. Our faculty can provide instruction in multiple languages to best meet the needs of the participants.

  • Real-world problem solving. Our programs are centered around real-world business problems and challenges. Participants don't simply view lectures or click through learning tools, but they engage in animated business cases, and solve real-world business problems together with their instructors and colleagues. We encourage the participants to approach problems systematically and from multiple perspectives.

    We also work with companies to customize case exercises to enable participants to address real challenges in their own industry or organization.

  • Collaborative online learning environment. Our programs are delivered through an online learning platform that enables organizations to overcome the limitations of the classroom, while also preserving important elements of personal instruction, collaboration, and mentoring. Throughout each course, participants communicate with instructors and collaborate with colleagues (often from other global companies) through email, discussion forums, and chat sessions to form rich learning communities.