Learning Management System Hosting Service
EDUCASIA provides an LMS hosting service through which companies can enjoy high-quality learning management. Not all companies need to build this system internally at a prohibitive cost. Furthermore, many companies that have their own LMS experience problems with maintaining their systems. Offering a holistic LMS service, EDUCASIA helps HR managers concentrate on their core area of responsibility instead of being bogged down with the purchasing and maintaining of an LMS.

Training Information Service
Information for training is one of the most critical factors in HR management. HR managers can effectively support the development of their staff with EDUCASIA's training information service. EDUCASIA searches for high-quality training information around the world and classifies this information for you. This information includes courses, programs and seminars from around the world. In addition, we continually create web-knowledge modules in the management area and provide information on experts by classifying them according to subjects and regions.